Taking Action


Taking Action

When you spend too much time visualizing what your dream or next project is going to be like when you take too much time thinking how awesome and what a success it will be and spend too little time taking action, you make no progress.  For many of us balancing our thought and action is always a challenge.  We get so excited about our ideas and start the planning process like for example, we create our vision boards, set our goals, that we eventually lose track of our action plan.  It is good to have our planning done on paper with all the nice ideas but what about the implementation?  By losing track of our action plan we lose interest in our goals or projects that we were so excited to start, and that is when failure sets in making us feel stuck and disappointed.



Economist and Author Tyler Cowen agree with this statement “ The more information that is out there, the greater the returns to just being willing to sit down and apply it yourself.  Information is not what is scarce; it is the willingness to do something with it”.  You can do as much research as you want, read all the self-help books but if no action is taken then nothing helps.  Through our actions comes momentum so always strive to do things that move you forward.



Do what you should.  Don’t talk about what you should be doing.


  • Start by being a Doer instead of just being a Thinker.
  • Be focused enough to pass the thinking stage and start getting your work done.



In conclusion, don’t over-plan and under-act.  Thinking and planning is very important but you can never achieve real progress if you don’t take action.



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Leshma Maibchund