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Awaken your power within | Positive Lane

Awaken your power within

So many of us live our lives in a semi-sleep state. We just do what we are told, we follow other’s beliefs, and for example, people who we feel are successful, people with authority and, in doing that we forget who we are. We completely forget our spiritual, creative, and imaginative side that all dreams are possible. We grow up conditioned into believing that our dreams and desires are all far fetched.

We all have the power to make our dreams come true, live the life we want as we control our destiny so stop comparing yourself to others.


Remember when we were kids, we played and pretended to be whatever we wanted to be. We put so much effort and passion that we believed it to be so real. As we started growing up we gradually lost that passion and power to believe and just carried on with the mundane way of life. We gradually forgot our power. Do you believe in your power within? It is now time to awaken your power!


Find out who inspires you and why?

When you are feeling down, who is that one person you can go to so you feel better? We all have that one person that gives us inspiration, which pushes us to be and do our best. When you find out who that individual is, you then realize your life’s purpose and who you are deep within. You will then feel that greatness of the power within you making you want to reach for your dreams.


  1. Listen to your inner self


Deep down you know the person you are supposed to be and what you want to do. When you start to ask yourself the right questions, you will find the right answers.

Often we tend to over-analyze resulting in allowing doubt and insecurities to creep in. Stop right there and don’t be that person who over analyzes. Write down your dreams and ideas so that it can give you the power to manifest it.

True power is when you learn to connect to your higher self.


  1. Allow yourself to flow


Allow only positiveness to flow through you always.

Everything will fall into place when you notice and appreciate all the small things in your journey. Don’t wait for opportunities; create your opportunities and act upon them. Sometimes blessings are disguised as trials and pain so just flow through it.



In conclusion, The more you understand and believe the power within yourself, you then realize that less effort is needed to achieve your desired success. I believe in you and your power, now it is time for you to believe and awaken the power within yourself.


At Positive Lane, it is all about making a difference and transforming your life so for the best possible service both online and in-person, book a session with me.

Remember the journey begins with you.


Thank you,


Leshma Maibchund