Are you feeling that you are experiencing a lot of stress? Are you feeling that there is nothing you can
do about it? Let’s admit it, life can be stressful, but we can learn to make it less stressful.
Here are some effective ways to deal with stress:

Achieve Restful Sleep
Sleep is an incredibly important aspect of the body. It is the body’s natural way of refreshing
itself. Without enough sleep, it reduces a person’s ability to function, be productive, or handle
stress.While it’s easy to say get more sleep, it’s not always easy to “find the time.” Professionals
or parents may find that they lack sleep due to handling responsibilities. It’s understandable,
but it won’t excuse more stress from entering your life. If you find that you’re sleepy or tired a
lot, consider managing your time better to snag more sleeping time. If you need to, block out
time on your schedule for a nap in order to extend your productivity. Make adjustments to your
sleep schedule if you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep. In extreme circumstances, think
about using vitamins or sleep aids to help you achieve more restful sleep.

Eat Nutritional Food
While it isn’t something many people think about actively, the food that you eat has an effect
on how you deal with stress. Being too busy puts people at a disadvantage of eating foods that
aren’t healthy or too costly. Others that don’t care about the food they eat miss out on the
nutritious food. Sometimes people are in neighborhoods that don’t offer a certain type of food.
These events can be seen as small inconveniences, but they can impact your body in major
ways. Take the time to learn about nutrition and foods that improve your body.

Treat Yourself
In order to function, you do have to look at the essentials (i.e. food, rest, living), but many
forget about pampering yourself by doing things outside of your schedule. This could be going
to the spa, getting a massage, or eating at a nice restaurant. Sometimes splurging on something
you want helps alleviate built up stress. Explore ways of releasing tension by doing things you
like such as going to the movies, jam out at a concert, or take a mini-vacay. Do something that
allows you to take your mind off the situation without creating too much of a problem later.
Change Your Perspective

As difficult as it sounds, it is possible to change your perspective on situations. Experiencing a
stressful situation is going to be unpleasant regardless, but you can look at things from a more
optimistic point of view. Having the right attitude can be the difference between a promotion

and stagnation. There may be instances where having a positive outlook may be extremely
difficult, but it is still important to project positivity. Be the change you want to see.

Exercise Regularly
Ever heard of the saying, “If you look good, you feel good?” Exercising is powerful for both
your body and mind. It physically forces chemicals and toxins out of your body. When your
body releases endorphins, it increases a positive feeling in your body and reduces your
perception of pain. Working out boosts your self-esteem by keeping you fit and healthy.
Activities that allow you to work different parts of your body like aerobics, dancing, or
swimming, are great ways to interact with your body. Another way to boost your exercising
experience is by doing it with other people. Joining a fitness group or working out with a friend
can be a great motivational factor as well.