There are jobs, there are careers and there are callings! Which one do you do every day? Do
what you love, love what you do, and deliver more than you promise. Are you unhappy or
uncertain about your career? You need more of something in your life? You need to change
your life, but for some reason, you feel stuck, lost or in a fog about what to do. And for those
seeking change, very often that change is a career change.

The best way to be happy at work is to feel completely at home within yourself when you work
– the challenges you meet perfectly mesh with the abilities to meet them. Purpose requires no
retraining. Purpose-driven change involves surrendering the “social package” that you have
defined for yourself. Fear and pride are overcome, fear is excitement without oxygen. When
your belief systems are challenged only then are you able to emerge from your comfort – zone
cocoon as a butterfly.